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from sisters all over the world

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Niña, Melbourne

I was around 17 years old when I started to wear a veil at Mass. That year was definitely my 'turning point' year towards Christ! I remember my love for Jesus was starting to get deeper & I was so eager to know Him more and more each day!

One day, I saw a young woman wearing a veil to mass & thought "Whoa! She's just like Mama Mary! Why is this young lady wearing a veil though? Can I wear one?" Why am I so drawn to it? I recalled a few times when my parents took me to a known Latin Mass parish back home in the Philippines where I saw women wearing veils & just thought that only older women & consecrated women can wear veils.

Puzzled and confused, I went to read about what it means to veil & why women veil. I was very nervous because I thought I wasn't worthy enough to wear a veil because I see myself as a sinner. By God's grace and a lot of prayers & discernment, I decided to buy my very first veil!

When I first wore my veil, I felt very conscious of what others would say! But all of that went away when I saw the priest put the Holy Host up for consecration. There He was I thought, this is why I veil. He is here right in front of me! God is present. It helped me focus on our Lord more when I was praying! It felt like I was reminded that I was in a very special place with a very important person—Christ Himself is with us! Wearing this veil was my way of showing reverence to our Lord. 

Recently when I was asked to carry the candles for a Eucharist procession, I was so glad that I had my veil with me because it wouldn't feel right if I had to walk in front of Jesus as the priest carries Him without a veil over my head.

My ultimate role model is Our Lady! I always ask for her intercession to help me grow closer to Jesus and to be the woman that I ought to be! I realised that I've never seen our Lady without a veil! So that made me love this devotion even more! It was like somehow, that's one thing that we both do as ladies (twinning!) I am continously learning and journeying everyday towards Jesus. I still have so many things to learn and I am glad that this devotion has helped me through it!

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