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Why We Veil?

Are you discerning to wear a veil or maybe wondering why women wear veils to Mass?

There are many reasons why a woman takes on a chapel veil (or mantilla) when attending Mass or at a Church/Chapel, but the most important reason above all is to give God the greatest glory. In a humbling spirit a woman veils with the intention to give great reverence to Jesus, who is truly present in the Blessed Eucharist. In doing so, she acknowledges who she is in the eyes of the Creator and to whom she belongs to.The veil is therefore an outward sign of her heart’s disposition - a submission and total giving of oneself over to God. What we choose to wear speaks to our circumstance & orders our intentions; it determines our gestures, attitudes and behaviours. When a woman is veiled in a Catholic Church, she is not distracted by her surroundings, but she is reminded that she is in a sacred space. Therefore, the veil helps to redirect her thoughts, intentions and desires to Jesus.

Veiling is also an act of imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who never points to herself but always to Jesus. Similarly, a woman who veils automatically becomes a silent witness to Jesus Christ. She seeks no praises for her own when she wears a veil, but becomes a physical sign that points others to Jesus. Before 1962 (Vatican II), all women were expected to wear chapel veils when attending Mass. Today the Church no longer holds this as canon law, but invites women to prayerfully discern the continual of this beautiful tradition.

Veiling is not an affirmation of a woman’s state of holiness or a reason to boast of one’s devotion to God, however taking up this devotion derives from a humble and loving heart that desires to give reverence to God in this particular expression of piety. Therefore, a woman who prayerfully discerns not to veil does not mean she loves God any less or is in a lesser state of holiness, for it is the saving grace of God that sanctifies us. For this reason, a woman’s decision to veil is a call of personal devotion.

We are praying for anyone who is still discerning to wear a veil! 

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