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For every bride is with the Lord


Our Inspiration

Our inspiration started simply through an improbable inquiry. A good friend of ours in New Zealand trusted us with the project of making her bridal veil. It was the most challenging thing we have ever done at the time, but it definitely paved the way for the Lord to inspire us to do more in this space.

Little did we know that this veil that we made (after hours of hard work), ended up making its way to my lovely sister (who also ended up using it for her wedding). This was very significant for us because we never got to attend her wedding (which took place during the pandemic), but this veil made us feel like we were a part of her special day!  

After praying about it for awhile, we accepted the challenge from God to do more for him in the form of bridal veils. Thus, here we are! 

We hope to be part of every bride's journey to marriage, through the co-creation of bridal veils. We hope for women to experience the joy of seeing and wearing her veil for the first time (after collaborating with us). That joy that women experience and the zeal that makes her look forward to living out her vocation is the mission we choose to be part of. 

Looking for a customised bridal veil? 

Collaborate with us! Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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